SEO And Link Building Techniques

seo link building

The link building is one of the most important SEO techniques used by the Digital marketing companies to get higher search engine rankings. The method of taking external links to your website is called link building. It was a really tough task to do the link building activities some few years before but after the Google launched its unique link building technique called Google Penguin Algorithm, the link building activity becomes so easy. UK link builder offers several services that can be quite useful if you planning on improving your page ranking results. According to this review at, there are quite useful for your business development activities. You can find more details about link building and its advantages here below.

Link Building Fundamentals
It is easy to divide pre-Google and post-Google in order to understand the how the link building has been developed in recent years. Before Google Yahoo and Atla Vista leading in the market and the method of link building was quite a tough task during this period. After Google was invented a new method of PageRank Algorithm, the entire link building activity becomes so easy and more popular. The latest version of Google Penguin has taken the entire link building activities to the next level.

Finding High-Quality Links
When you are planning for build backlinks, two things can happen one you can able to build high-quality links and your site rank will almost top of the Google search link or you may end up in building poor quality links. Some study results revealed that page authority linking method is the best option for building links due to they have more authority to your website. Other than the authority of the site, relevancy of the site is also more important for link building. It is irrelevant where your link is appearing on a page but the link should be editorially placed.

Content Marketing
Content has the capacity to unlock the backlinks. Only content publishing will not lead to any links only some content types will increase the link building. There are basically four types of contents they have the power to generate more links namely visual assets, images, diagrams and infographics.

Email Outreach
Email Outreach is required to build white hat link for the current year and beyond that. You should know how to build a strong link using email outreach. You have to find a solution how to reach bloggers and journalists without moving into the spam folder. You have to use the ‘likely linkers’ option to find out your follower’s email ids.

Black Hat Links
This is one of the good and easy links building techniques. If the links are going against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines then it will know as black hat. It is your choice whether to use this black hat links as this was not supported by Google. If you are using either white hat link or black hat links, you should know how to avoid manual penalties

Link Building Strategies
Link building strategy is one of the important factors of SEO activities. There are mainly three common link building strategies available for resolution namely resource page link building, broken link building and the skyscraper technique.