Characteristics To Look For In Link Building Tools

free-link-building-tools-scrapeb-332x205Inbound links from trust worthy, quality, well-known sites are essential to SEO programs and web marketing strategies to both increase incoming traffic and to create brand awareness on sites that are similar to your own. If a website has a large number of well-placed and relevant links, there is a greater chance for its rank to climb higher on search rankings and for it to attract the right kind of traffic. Link builder in SEO firms rank link building among the top five most important things to do in order to increase a site’s ranking. This list included factors such as the importance of anchor text, the trustworthiness of a domain, popularity of the external link and the diversity of the link sources.

Link acquisition has become a profitable market for those who do not have the time but have the money to buy links. While this may seem like the easier way of getting links, earning them though social media, content promotions and online exchanges and relations are much more awarding and in most cases are free. Unless you are well versed with SEO procedures, it is not wise to acquire unknown links from the broker. To track the changes in your website after the insertion of the links and to understand the efficiency of each link, SEO tools can be used.

Tracking links is a great SEO strategy that employs paid and free tools to provide comprehensive reports on the amount of traffic your website is pulling, how it is improving and where it can improve further. Most tools provide several options to find out where the traffic is coming and going through as well as more premium features such as an online tracking system for your site’s emails, PR facilities and other site management tools that can be checked daily, monthly or yearly.