SEO Techniques To Be Implemented Immediately

seo-techniques-1Search engine optimization is a technique that is used for optimizing the content present in your website and the way a search engine perceives it during searching for keywords. For example, whenever a person searches for something, you would want your business to come on top of the search results. This is the simple explanation for search engine optimization. It is estimated that more than 14.6% of leads that are generated via SEO gets closed. Therefore, this becomes a very important practice. Of late this is also catching up with the medical field and medical SEO is slowly gathering momentum. There are many brilliant techniques that can be followed if you are promoting a business as explained in the link

Choose Your Keywords
Write down a list of words that you think people will type when they are looking for healthcare service. Think about what kind if words they will use in Google search bar and it could be a long list too. Once your list is ready, run it on Google by searching for them. You can use Google keyword planner to help you with what kind of words people have recently searched for. This has a decent list of keywords but does not consider other websites and advertisers. Look for keywords that fall within the 200 to 10,000 local monthly searches.

After going through the filtering phase for the keywords, use these when you write content for your website. Make sure that they are used organically across the website on various contents and blog posts. Using these keywords only lets the search engine understand what your website is about and return your website when the user is looking for similar services. More than 77% of the customers have used Google search before booking their appointment. This should tell you why it is important to use the right keywords across your website.

Meta Tag Descriptions
seo-300x300Once you have a strategy for the keywords, the next item to consider is the meta tags that are used on your website. Metadata is the HTML tags that are present in between the opening and closing of the header tags. This is present in the HTML coding of the website. These meta tags are the ones that help the search engines to identify and know what your website is about. By using the title and meta description headers the search engine can understand everything about your website.

The title tag is the heading of the website that is present in the top of the browser in the blue color text. These should be fewer than 65 characters with your keywords present in them. While naming your web page, this must be taken into account. A meta description must be 150 characters and it should describe the contents of the web page.

A meta description, as seen as black text above, should be no longer than 150 characters as it describes the content of a page. They are present in the H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6 tags of the HTML coding.

By following these, you can make sure that your website appears at the top of the Google search results.

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